Bridge of Hope Christian Outreach, Inc.

Mission Statement


Vision :  To reach the unreachable within the four corners of the globe.

                  To seek which was lost, and bring them back again in the Kingdom of God

                  To hold evangelistic healing crusades from nation to nation.

         To be faithful, loyal and obedient in the great commission of Jesus Christ

                  To plant churches in cities, towns and villages.

                  To make disciples of men and women

                  To declare Integrity and pure teaching of Jesus Christ.

                  To help and care for the destitute and widows.




 Evangelistic Healing Crusade is our goal of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved people, with great signs and wonders.


Church Planting is part of evangelism and discipling program of all new converts for their Christian maturity needs, and to have a deeper relationship with God.  


Bible Training School is a fundamental training of Christian converts who faithfully respond to the high calling of God into five fold ministry. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Jesus has made his own disciples and were sent 2 x 2 into different villages and cities

Youth Transformation is a ministry of helping youth citizens to be lifetime living and dependent in God. We know of youth life as being worthy in this meaningful season of God’s Kingdom.


Children's Feeding Program is to express the real passion of Jesus Christ especially to the destitute, the starving, and the least fortunate community. In the country we can witness thousands of starving families daily living at a garbage dump site. There are still millions of starving people around the country. He who has pity to the poor shall be lending to the Lord God.


Caring for Orphans is the same thing expressing the love of Jesus Christ among much hunger with parental care and guidance. A true religion is those who visit orphans and widows in their affliction.

Leadership Conference is our common goal of imparting God’s Word to equip the specific needs of our Christian Leaders in relation to their specific duties in the Kingdom of God.

Annual Church Festival is an activity of the Lord which is an everlasting ordinance of God for all His people. A Holy convocation of God.  It was found in the book of Exodus 12:14

Evangelistic Healing Crusade Schedule: (Please Contact For Updates)